Me and my friends decided to play the SDCTF 2021. In the CTF we came across a challenge called Git Good. Here was the background we were given:

Challenge description on their server

Honestly, I didn’t even read it. Git good already had my ears up because I was sure that it would be a challenge dealing with broken git commits. Don’t worry I will thoroughly go over what a broken git commit is. First let me show you the website.

From DiceCTF 2021

I had some time this weekend so i decided to play DiceCTF 2021. Babier CSP was a CTF i encountered. On first look, it’s your average XSS challenge with an addition of checking the nonce. Don’t let the word “nonce” scare you. I will try my best to simplify this challenge for you.

The challenge:

This is how the website looked like:

A fun challenge which required luck. Was more of a misc challenge than a web exploitation challenge but I had fun anyway.

Recently me and my little team called Gateway (we are just a group of try-hards and actually really smart players who love fucking around with tech) attended Affinity CTF Lite 2020. We weren’t supposed to play it but out of nowhere one thing led to another and I had enough time to play it so we did it anyway.

Back then it was worth 750 points. The points decreased as people solved it. When I finished, We got 650 or something points out of it which took us from rank 71 to rank 50 something.

This is how the challenge looked like:

Have you been trying to pick up your first programming language but the magic seems to disappear after your first random number generator program? Don’t worry, Trust me you are not alone. Picking up your first language can seem challenging but with just a little bit of work, Focus and the right strategy you can pick it up.

A quick little something about me: I have been ‘coding’ since I was in middle school. …

This is going to be my first blog lol. Let’s give it a go then.

Picked this up from google images lol Ignore the arrow.

Hi, I am 0x0elliot, You can call me Elliot. And today, I will explain how you can bypass that goddamn cloudflare. What is CloudFlare you say? CloudFlare is a web service that protects a website’s web server from different kinds of attacks, Most famous for protecting it from getting DDoSed the living fuck out of it by some skid who has access to a botnet. It acts as a ‘Reverse-Proxy’ and hides the real IP address of the web server the website is hosted on.

0x0elliot (Elliot)

People simp for girls, I simp for information. Switzerland ❤

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